Ruta de la Madera

The path bring us to El Roque Nublo, simbol of Gran Canaria and ancient`s prehispanic inhabitants holy land. This basaltic rock which stands 80 metres hight was declared Natural Monument in 1987.


Low-Average Diff. Lineal 4.5 km 3:30 h 336 m

 170 m


The route goes through a Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis), the great’s Gran Canaria plant formation. In this area, the pine was intensely exploited for timber, construction, coal, tar, fuel for sugar mills etc.. Later it has been recovering the forested areas thanks to reforestation plans.

El Cruce del Aserrador (The Crossing of the Sawyer) takes its name from the logging area, the pines were cut to be shipped to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, many doors, windows and balconies Vegueta were made ​​with this wood.


 La Goleta (aparcamiento Del Roque Nublo) – Roque Nublo – El Aserrador


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