Los Volcanes de La Isleta

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the few cities in the world that can say they possess a volcanic area in their environment. La Isleta, a space with the undeniable geological and landscape value, inside the area a variety of volcanic structures (tubes, cones, archeological sites) can be observed.


Hard-Average Diff. Lineal 10.4 km 5:30 h 181 m

 181 m 

 The area to visit is the natural protected landscape of La Isleta. In the area there are several military installations with is declared restricted access.

The mountain of El Vigía (219m), mountain of El Faro (240m) and Montaña Colorada (239), are some of the viewpoints from where the interior of the peninsula of La Isleta, its coasts, the Bay of the Confital, an important part of the north coast of the island, with the city of Las Palmas,its port facilities and Las Canteras beach “under our feets” a  form some different magnificent panorama.

"... We are facing one of the most recent major volcanic landscapes (due to their eruptive mode, its morphology, its extension ...) of Gran Canaria, also located in the geographical context of the peninsula of La Isleta, which is in turn not only an island of extraordinary vulcanological interest and multiple educational opportunities, but at the same time a natural landscape that characterizes the historical memory of Gran Canaria ..."

Text from the book “Los volcanes recientes de Gran Canaria”, (1987) Álex Hansen.


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