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The trace of Dorama’s jungle

In the course of the routes, we can observe the remains of the ancient Doramas jungle, which covered the whole north face on the island in the past. But nowadays, small reserves have stayed in certain zones on the island; they are seen as a treasure, and we can explore them on this route!
We will start from the Santa Cristina recreation area, which belongs to Santa María de Guía town, located in El Brezal Special Natural Reserve, where we will have the privilege of visiting one of the most characteristic species of laurisilva or laurel forest: El brezo. We will continue to Tilos de Moya Special Natural Reserve, where we will enjoy the charm of the place and look at the largest number of laurel forest species on the island. From this point, we will take the San Fernando’s way to arrive at beautiful Moya town.
Find out more about Doramas jungle:
Doramas jungle was a large laurisilva wooded area that covered the whole north of Gran Canaria, a well-known island for the vegetable lushness and for being the home to one of the most important indigenous of Gran Canaria history: Doramas.
Nowadays, just a little over 1% remains of the ancient Doramas jungle area. From the original distribution, just stay isolated zones like Los Tilos de Moya, El Brezal del Palmital, Barranco Oscuro, or Barranco del Laurel, in Osorio. There, from years ago, Gran Canaria government carry out important reforestation activities.
As far as toponymy is concerned, “Montaña de Dorama” name, in Moya has been conserved, as well as “Parque Rural de Doramas” denomination to designate a protected area where semi-abandoned growing areas and small wooded areas coexist with some traditional constructions.

Route and interactive Profile

Low Difficulty
8 km aprox
4:00 h aprox
+ 542 m
- 682 m

  • Itinerary

    Área recreativa de Santa Cristina, El Palmital, Lomo Las Quemadillas, Barranco Los Propios, Barranco del Laurel (Los Tilos de Moya), Las Veredas, Alto de Moya, Moya
  • Date

    Saturday, 27 Oct 2018
  • Picking up participants

    08:00 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    07:30 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés
  • Route Time

    09:30 - 12:30 (approximately)
  • Other Activities

    Tasting of Canarian products
  • Return

    15:45 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    16:15 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés

This route includes:

  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Picnic
  • Guided tour and interpretation of the natural, ethnographic and cultural values of the island
  • Transport to and from Las Palmas de GC and Playa del Inglés
  • Specialized guides on trails in different languages
  • Tasting Canarian products

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