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The Enchanted Forest

On this route, we will visit one of the heirlooms par excellence of laurisilva or laurel forest of Gran Canaria. For this purpose, we will climb to the Osorio peak and enjoy the panoramic views of the place. We will have the chance to visit the amazing garden centre where the valuable laurisilva species are raised and we will also take a look the sawmill, which is like a special journey back in time.
To reach the Osorio peak (967 metres), we will visit the Crespo irrigation ditch and the mansion of the farm while we let the wealth of the flora delight us with their smells and colours.
Find out more about Osorio Farm:
Osorio Farm is located in the legendary Doramas Rural Park, among Teror, Valleseco and Firgas towns. It covers some 207 hectares and is made up of Osorio peak, and a platform with a slight slope, that is scored by small ravines which are extended over the 967 metres of Osorio peak or the 650 of their lower parts.
The farm has agricultural and livestock usages, but the great importance of the place is due to the forest wealth there is on it. On the one hand, it contains remnants of laurisilva of the ancient Doramas Forest, which it was spreading through the north of the island. On the other hand, it features a wide expanse of trees which were introduced in the 19th century, standing out the chestnut trees, and to a lesser extent, the cork oaks, elms, bananas and oaks and other exotic trees such as the ombú or the araucaria tree.
This farm belongs to the Gran Canaria institution “Cabildo de Gran Canaria” since the ‘80s and in there, in a Nature Classroom of the mansion, next to the Classical Garden, the environmental education is promoted.
Moreover, the farm features a forest nursery, which is specialized in the reproduction of laurisilva species, and a sawmill to use the wood resources generated in silvicultural treatments.

Route and interactive Profile

Low Difficulty
6 km aprox
3:00 h aprox
+ 404 m
- m

  • Itinerary

    Finca de Osorio - La Casona - Acequia Crespo - Zonas comunes
  • Date

    Sunday, 28 Oct 2018
  • Picking up participants

    09:00 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    08:30 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés
  • Route Time

    10:30 - 13:30 (approximately)
  • Other Activities

    Tasting of Canarian products
  • Return

    18:00 Auditorio Alfredo Kraus - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    18:30 Touristic Information office, near to CC Yumbo Centrum - Playa del Inglés

This route includes:

  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Picnic
  • Guided tour and interpretation of the natural, ethnographic and cultural values of the island
  • Transport to and from Las Palmas de GC and Playa del Inglés
  • Specialized guides on trails in different languages
  • Tasting Canarian products

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