Caldera de Bandama

La Caldera de Bandama  is one of the most important volcanic elements of Gran Canaria. It is exactly formed by both, El Pico, with its crater, and La Caldera, volcanic structures which were built  by agressive eruptions dated between the year 47 bc and 123 ac.

La Caldera is the main object of the visit which presents a depression, very similar to a cauldron, about 900 meters in diameter and about 250 feet deep. Located 574 meters above sea level and is one of the largest boiler explosion in the Canaries. It is listed as Protected Natural Area in the category of Natural Monument and declared Point of Geological Interest by the Technological Institute of Spain. 

Average difficulty Lineal 8 km 5:00 h - -



Caldera de Bandama – ruta del vino – Jardín Canario.

After touring inside the volcanic pot, the route continues through an area where the wine farms, with 2 centuries of history, predominate.

These vines grow in a soil of volcanic origin - lapilli - popularly called, lapilli, which retains the moisture of the night due to their special structure. Theresult are wines with a special taste, texture and red color. The process of making these wines is absolutely manual, including the collection is the traditional way, by hand.

The route finishes in El Jardin Canario, which is the largest botanical garden in Spain and the only one which houses all the endemic flora of the archipelago. Since its construction in 1952 the Canary Garden has grown steadily, becoming a global institution and conservation model.


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