Caldera de Bandama

La Caldera de Bandama is one of the most important elements of the volcano island of Gran Canaria. It is composed of two geological structures, El Pico and La Caldera. Made by the nature 5,000 years ago, it’s the result of a violent volcanic eruption which, first, formed a large cone and then collapsed and sank on its empty hole of magma.

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Arco del Coronadero

El Arco del Coronadero is the largest stone bridge of Gran Canaria. To get there we have to enter in Barranco Hondo, a deep groove in the Macizo de Amurga, which has been eroded by time, wind and water, offering us a very dramatic topography with huge vertical walls of russet color, a lot of caves and rocks with strange shapes.

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Barranco del Andén

This route passes through one of the ravines, the longest one in Gran Canaria which starts in the centre area at 1.625m high and ending in San Andrés, located in the north coast.

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Los Volcanes de La Isleta

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the few cities in the world that can say they possess a volcanic area in their environment. La Isleta, a space with the undeniable geological and landscape value, inside the area a variety of volcanic structures (tubes, cones, archeological sites) can be observed.


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