Barranco de la Mina

After the conquest of Gran Canaria (1477-1483), the land and water  in the centre of the island were divided. 

Long ditches and canals were built to transport the water to lower lands, as so materials for its distribution.

El Barranco de la Mina takes the name of a mine which decants water from Tejeda’s catchment area to Guiniguada’s one, and keeps, at the same time, the small permanent water course.

Average difficulty Lineal 8 km 4:30 h - -



Utiaca – Las Lagunetas – Barranco La Mina  -  Risco de Ramirez -  Pataburro – Las Lagunetas.

During this tour the landscape is characterized by steep slopes, which offer us excellent views of the beautiful terraces.  The high demand of terrain for agriculture forced to maxizime the use of the ground, building terraces and other popular engineering works.

The route consists of a rich agricultural and ethnographic heritage, which shows the work of farmers, based on traditional techniques passed down from parent to child, preserving much of the values ​​and traditions of this rural area.

Along the way it is to enjoy the companion of a small canary pine forest  with its abundant vegetation, birds singing, several waterfalls canalized between volcanic rocks and water running down the ravine.


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