Arco del Coronadero

El Arco del Coronadero is the largest stone bridge of Gran Canaria. To get there we have to enter in Barranco Hondo, a deep groove in the Macizo de Amurga, which has been eroded by time, wind and water, offering us a very dramatic topography with huge vertical walls of russet color, a lot of caves and rocks with strange shapes.


Hard-Average Diff. Lineal 11.5 km 5:30 h 297 m 297 m

The Grazing of  goats and sheep was very important until the half last century. Today we still find some herds of goats that enrich the landscape. All this defined it as one of the most beautiful gorges of the island, which flows in the South West of Gran Canaria.

Despite the arid environment, we can observe different hydraulic structures such as canals, ditches, and the gallery we go through from Barranco Hondo to Barranco Berriel, which presents a not too distant agricultural past.

Altos del Coronaderois an original well-preserved archaeological site, because of its difficult access. This place can be observed from El Arco and it had a magical and religious meaning to the ancient natives. In that place there are 36 cylindrical towers, built of stacks of slabs, crowned by stones oriented in different directions.

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