Visitor Centre of La Fortaleza

The centre has attractive displays for visitors to delve into all the archaeological aspects of La Fortaleza first hand. All displays are available in three languages (English, Spanish and German).

The exhibition room offers the very best of traditional museum displays, along with all the latest technology. It has hyper realistic scenery highlighting all the settlement’s features under one roof.

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Interpretation Centre Barranco of Guayadeque

The Barranco de Guayadeque ravine is situated right between the municipalities of Agüimes and Ingenio, to the east of the island of Gran Canaria.

The unique environmental value and heritage that make up this impressive area have contributed to it being declared a Natural Monument by the Law of Natural Areas of the Canaries, and as a Site of Cultural Interest, under the category of Archaeological Zone by the Law of Historical Heritage of the Canaries.

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Cañada de Los Gatos

The Archaeological Zone of Cañada de los Gatos is an emblematic landmark on the island’s pre-hispanic archaeological scene, made up of diverse enclaves which years ago used to form an individual unit; a coastal population that sprang up along the mouth of the ravine at Mogán and developed into a large settlement with an important urban structure. Add a comment

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Necrópolis of Arteara

The Arteara Necropolis is the largest aboriginal cemetery of its kind on the island, both in terms of size and number of burial mounds there. It occupies an area of 137,570 m2 and houses 809 tomb structures, with both individual and collective burial mounds.

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