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Nature, Wine and Pottery

The route starts at the viewpoint that nature has capriciously carved in the shape of three rocks and that gives a lookout on the fertile Guiniguada valley. The track descends to the Goteras ravine and reaches La Atalaya. This village stands out for its potter industry which was significant in the old days; the characteristic of the earthenware of La Atalaya is that the potter’s wheel is not used for the manufacturing of the objects which are entirely handmade.

The route continues through an eminently agricultural landscape where wine exploitations prevail; some of them bear more than two centuries of history. These vineyards grow on volcanic soil - lapilli - commonly known as “picón”, which retains the dampness of the night due to its special structure. Thanks to this soil the vines provide a wine with very specific taste, texture and colour. The elaboration process of these wines is entirely manual, even the grapes are picked by hand as it is part of the tradition.

This route includes:

  • Visit to the pottery centre of La Atalaya
  • Visit to the ecomuseum 'Casa Panchito'
  • Visit to a winery in Bandama.


Difficulty: medium One-way 8.5 km 5:00 hrs 261 m 525 m



Tres Piedras – Las Goteras - Atalaya – Caserío de Bandama


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