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The incredible Astronomic Night Route and Bandama Route

We are pleased to present the last two routes of this amazing adventure: Gran Canaria Walking Festival, an experience for your 5 senses.

The fifth stage of this 2017 Gran Canaria Walking Festival will take part in one of the most especial and highest point in the island, Tejeda, known for its magical starry nights.

The Astronomic Night Route will be approximately 3 km long.  It is considered to be a low-difficulty and comfortable route and it is perfect to live an unforgettable experience: looking to the beautiful starry sky in a guided tour and exploring nature at night. The route will take off in the camping site  of "El Garañon", followed by “El Corral de Los Juncos” and returning to the camping site.

At the end of this route, the hikers will enjoy a night snack at the camping site of "El Garañon" thanks to Vivac Aventura, in their website you will find the amazing outdoor activites and experiences that they offer: www.vivacaventura.com



Finally, Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2017 will be finishing in one of the most iconic, especial and beautiful parts of the island, "La Caldera de Badama". It is a place located nearby the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the north-western part of the island, known for its wine, agricultural and gastronomic tradition. Also, it is known for being and important volcanic attraction and it is part of the Bandama Natural Monument with “El Pico de Bandama”.

The Bandama Route, with a distance of approximately 6 km long and a low difficulty, will take off in “La Caldera de Bandama”, followed by a little stop in “La Plaza Perdida”, going through “Los Hoyos” and finishing in the wonderful Rural Hotel "El Mondalón".

Once the route is finished, typical products and local dishes will be shown in the Rural Hotel "El Mondalón", so that all hikers can enjoy the taste of this part of the island sharing their experiences with hikers from all over the world. In the website of this beautiful rural lodging, which is placed in an area with natural treasures, you will find the complete information about its great services: www.hotelruralmondalon.es


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