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Interpretation Centre of Roque Bentayga

Three rocks make up a precious and magical site, right up at the island’s summit area. Together they represent the perfect union between the natural landscape and the cultural landscape of the Bentayga, right on the spiritual axis of the aboriginal world of Gran Canaria.

The Visitors Centre sets out a graphic museum exhibition which delves deep into the most important culture and rites of the pre-hispanic inhabitants in a quite unique setting. To this day it preserves the worship areas, burial areas and cave art of the first dwellers on the island.

Visitors who come here and take on the route to the base of the Roque Bentayga, can go deep into the ancient life and times of the aboriginal islanders. With rigorously researched information, accessed through technology, it is a modern day display that attempts to explain the symbolism of the set of stones high up on the summit of Gran Canaria, recounting as it goes everything that represents the culture, ethnography and the whole nature of the island itself.

Having been to the visitors centre at the Bentayga, visitors may then like to go on to the Almogarén, a worshipping site to the Gods of the aboriginals’ era, protruding out of the eastern side of the rock.

And as a spectacular backdrop to all this, there is the natural heritage of the surrounding landscape, with superb views to be had at the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria.

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