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Recommendations before the routes

Reccomendations before the GRan Canaria walking FEstival.

Tips for the routes

 Before initiating the route, it is helpful to check the weather forecast in order to select the most convenient equipment. We must not forget a hat, skin and lips protection, warm clothing and a raincoat. It is compulsory to carry water (remember to drink shortly and frequently, as too much in a single gulp may cause stomach heaviness), nuts (for a long walk), a cell phone (operational and charged), and appropriate clothing (breathable, non wrinkled socks to prevent blisters) and footwear (well tied and never first-time weared), as well as hiking poles (helpful for hiking and to chase dog attacks away).

When walking through roads, please stay at the left to see the cars coming in front, in a single queue and remember to cross in a straight line, never diagonally. Warming up and stretching is highly advisable before and after the activity. The ground difficulty in the mountains can cause injuries and this way we can easily prevent them. Making pauses (preferably in shaded areas) should be use to drink some water, check the shoes conditions and comment any needs that may happen.

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logistics and organizational info

The event will be commanded and supported by qualified mountain guides who have a perfect knowledge of the field. They will be able to guide you in Spanish, English and German. In every route, you will receive a leaflet with all the info about the day: basic tips, technical data and interesting facts about the natural, historic and visual features which we will discover. A snack will also be given to every participant (its content will be listed in the next newsletter).
It is extremely important to communicate any allergies, intolerances, diseases or any kind of incidents which may be relevant to the organization.

cabanas Garanon
If you’ve hired the full weekend pack, you must carry a 15-20 litres bag to the route taking place on Saturday, where you may store your personal items, snack and your bag for the overnight stay in El Garañón, which the organization will take to the campsite. A torch and a sleeping bag are also recommended. However, the organization will be able to provide bed linen to the participants coming away from Gran Canaria.

The accommodation in El Garañón will be in a shared wooden cabin of 6 pax each. Next week you will receive another newsletter with the latest information about the event.

If, for any reason, you won’t be able to receive any emails in the following weeks, please get in touch with the organization and we will provide the information by other means.

See you soon!

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