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6 reasons to enjoy Gran Canaria Walking Festival

6 Reasons to enjoy Gran Canaria Walking Festival

November will be the month when we will have the chance to enjoy Gran Canaria’s most amusing hiking event. Here you have six reasons to convince you that you must be part of it. If you don’t live in Gran Canaria, you are still in time to book your plane tickets and accommodation. No excuses allowed! These country houses are an ideal place to stay: here


The 6 reasons why we are a perfect choice

1. Get to know the island

Hiking is the best way to get to know Gran Canaria if you have never been in the island. We will show you unique landscapes and the most amazing places.

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2. Hiking is a healthy hobby

We are pretty sure that you’ve repeatedly heard that “walking is healthy”. Well, we will do it for more than 30 minutes and surrounded by nature and breathing fresh air. This way, the benefits for your health will appreciate it even more.

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3. An excellent weather

Gran Canaria is one of the only places in the World where we can say that the temperatures are mild all throughout the year, which obviously helps us enjoy the hiking days.

3. weather

4. Meet other people

If you are thinking that you might be lonely in this journey, you can now stop being worried. Hiking is a hobby that allows you to meet people who share your own experiences while you enjoy the nature. More than 500 hikers participated in our last edition.

4. meet

5. The price

Our event is aimed to be a way to promote Gran Canaria as a hiking and nature-friendly destination. We incite rural tourism, so our fares are adjusted for all audiences. Take a look at them: here


6. Have  fun!

Happiness and amusement are linked. If we understand happiness as a sum of good memories, we can guarantee that you will have fun and unforgettable memories in the five days of our Festival. It will be our fifth edition and every year is better than the previous one!



Are you really going to miss these amazing days in the Gran Canaria Walking Festival?

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