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Gran Canaria and the "mother earth"

Gran Canaria and the "Mother Earth"

is the second article written by J.J.Laforet, the Official Chronicler of Gran Canaria, in collaboration with the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. Enjoy:

The Earth, “Mother Earth” as the ancient cultures named it, is much more than just a simple space where our lives take place. Much more than a place where we live our days and issues.

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The Earth has always represented much more than what, unfortunately, it means for us today, as we are not always fully conscious of its gifts and that we are standing over it. It is clearly a lack of wisdom of our society, of knowing who we are and where we are. Through the centuries and cultures, the Earth has represented the loving mother who cares for us with her generous energy. We must stay in perfect harmony with the Earth and be respectful with its gifts and the love we can feel in its elements, which are there for our benefit, not to be harmful.

Those basic elements are inside us, as we are a result and part of it. If the Earth cares about us and protects us, we must do the same with it. Gran Canaria’s ancient population already showed respectful standards when dealing with the Earth. The first famous poet from the island, Bartolomé Cairasco de Figueroa, wrote in the 16th Century about the relevance of the Earth in his poem “Gran Canaria”, where he stated that the Earth gathered the best virtues of the sky, the air, the land, the sea, the weather, the stars, the springs and crops.

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The well known rector of the University of Salamanca, Miguel de Unamuno stated, in his travel book “Through the lands of Portugal and Spain”, the following about Gran Canaria:

“In that chestnut tree in Osorio (Teror), I laid down at twilight until I saw the hills leaning towards the peace of the nightfall. It is always something new, something that invites us to sweetly merge with the mother Earth”.

This also happens when we walk and enjoy through the tracks of Gran Canaria.

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