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Pre-Hispanic Experience

According to the chronicles, the ancient natives of Gran Canaria were a well organized and structured society, they lived in community and had developed a primitive technology, formed by tools made with wood, stone and/or animal parts, clothes and others, moreover stockbreeding, farming and collecting knowledge that let them get beyond the geographic difficulties of the archipielago.

Everything what mother nature gave them they took advantage of it. First, they used a large number of natural caves as home and others where modified as accommodation at the time the population growth up. Then they made smart villages building half buried stone houses and other structures time before the conquest of the canaries. Today, some examples of their culture, rituals and professions are shown in archaeological sites and part of the vocabulary and traditions are still in use by the current society.

In the programmed routes for this weekend we will visit interpretation centres and museums where explanations about the ancient population will be given, as so the hardness conditions where they built their homes and cult places.

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