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Archaeological Park Maipes of Agaete

This spacious funeral mound of aboriginal culture is located on the way to the stunning valley of Agaete, and along with Arteara, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, constitutes one of the most spectacular burial mounds on volcanic material in the whole of the Canaries, with over a square kilometre of surface area.

The Maipés is a malpaís, an arid, rocky area of volcanic lava flow in which a cemetery is preserved, with nearly 700 Ancient Canarian tombs, some of which were made over 1.300 years ago.

These burial mounds were made out of volcanic stones, and are usually truncated cone-shaped, in some cases reaching up to 8m. in diametre and 3m. in height. The dead body was placed inside, in a kind of stone drawer made to the body’s size.

In 1974 the settlement was declared a Site of Cultural Interest under the category of Archaeological Zone. Along with its obvious archaeological value, the surrounding area has impressive geological features, represented by its lava flow, with all the flora and fauna associated with it. Its positioning under the spectacular high cliff walls of the Tamadaba Forest, itself a Natural Park, make for a memorable visit.

The Archaeological Park has its own Visitors Centre and a series of walks around the site especially adapted for the disabled. Information is laid out on the noticeboards, scale models, life-size recreations and multimedia applications, all available in several languages.

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