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Gran Canaria, a Starlight Destination

The wonderful sky of the island is ideal for the contemplation of the stars.

Unesco has declared Gran Canaria as a Starlight Destination, a privileged place for observing the starry sky in which to unveil the enigmas of the Universe.

In addition to the quality of its sky, the aboriginal past of the island was always linked to the observation of the stars, which gives more value to the activities that can be carried out on the island. One of these activities is the visit to the "starlight archaeological sites" that show how the Canarian aborigines took advantage of this resource for their daily life and the search for answers to their religious concerns.

we share this video that shows the wonders of Gran Canaria as "Window to the Sky":

Further information: www.grancanaria.com

VII Gran Canaria Walking Festival

The astronomical route "Underneath the Stars, El Nublo" is an opportunity to enjoy the incredible spectacle that the stars give us. Saturday night, 27th October. Route “Underneath the Stars, El Nublo”

Staying in Tejeda:

This spectacular municipality at the top of the island offers charming accommodations in which to discover its landscapes:

Hotel Rural Fonda de La Tea

Casa Rural Serafín

Casa Rural el Rincón del Nublo

Casa Rural Las Cáscaras

Casa Rural Casita Roque Nublo-Casita Nublo

Casa Rural Casita Roque Nublo-Casita Bentayga

Outdoor activities in Tejeda:

Bodegas Bentayga

Vivac Aventura

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