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Museum of Zafra

The Museo de la Zafra (Harvest Museum) brings together a significant part of the history of Santa Lucía, in the southeast of Gran Canaria. It is a space built to preserve the memory of the area’s agricultural past, labour tradition, and way of life in close connection with its main crop: the tomato.

This complex comprises over 4,000m2 structured into 12 rooms within two buildings. The first building is dedicated to the study and analysis of tomato growing. The different rooms show visitors the actual tomato plant, how the crop was introduced in Europe, and the entire production, packing, and exportation process. There is also an area for the study and remembrance of the way of life of those who looked after the land.

The second building is where the significance of water for the area is studied and analyzed. Different aspects related to this scarce resource are presented, including its use in agriculture by means of irrigation ditches, wells, water galleries, reservoirs, etc.

The museum features an original 85-metre-deep well fitted with all relevant safety elements to show the machinery and ways of old. The ethnographic complex has also a plot to show the different crops from pre-Hispanic times to date (rye, sugar cane, grapevine, banana, etc.)

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