Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2015

5 to 8 of November
The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is an annual event where walkers from all over the world will enjoy of the Island of Gran Canaria participating in waking tours along the mountains and rural areas of the Island. These walks will show the participants the fascinating interior landscape of Gran Canaria.
Nature in Gran Canaria is spectacular. The Island geography is full with mountains, valleys, rural path, small villages and whimsical natural formations that creates an enormous variety. This natural set is the stage for the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, which will also account with cultural activities that will allow participants to experience a wonderful week on the Island….and everything under the wonderful weather of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria Walking Festival is promoted by the Association of Rural Accommodation and Active Tourism Corporations of Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Natural) accounts with the collaboration of:
- Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Island Council)
- Promotur (Canary Islands Government)
- Secretaría de Estado de Turismo del Gobierno de España (Spanish Government)
Gran Canaria Natural & Active has more tan 950 beds, 14 hotels into nature, 47 country houses, 3 wine cellars, 4 active tourism business, 1 handicraft shop and 1 rent a car. All the activities that will take place during the event, and also the institutions and companies involved in the organization of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival are committed to the preservation of the Island environment.
From Gran Canaria Walking Festival, we want to invite all the hikers of the world to join to this experience. There is much more than hiking, you will enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of Gran Canaria, share experiences with people from all over the world and establish deep, long-lasting and unforgettable ties. The last edition (2015) consisted of 5 thematic routes that took place from the 5th to the 8th of November.


64 rural houses



Program GCWF'15


We shouldn’t forget to add one of the busiest hiking areas in Gran Canaria to our programme. We are treated up on high to the most emblematic site for the island’s inhabitants, namely the Roque Nublo, with its geological beauty and rich history. Next to this are another two rocks, called El Fraile (friar) and La Rana (frog), whose peculiar shapes make this fascinating spot definitely one not to be missed.


This route is special, it is not just an enjoyable walk around the countryside. You will also learn how to interpret just what each star is trying to tell us.


Bold hikers, this is the route for you! There is so much diversity along the 14 km route. You will soon understand why Gran Canaria is known as the “miniature continent”. The views afforded from upon high will be a sheer delight, as will the cool pine fresh breeze, as the path gradually turns into a more craggy and eroded terrain, on lands formerly used for agriculture.


Fancy mixing two of your passions? Asoflor (La Casa del Queso) will help you to get your strength back with its unique, traditional cheeses, as a reward for your walk from the sea up to the summit.


At 1,920 m altitude, the Pozo de los Canónigos kicks off our route, taking us around the Camino de 7 Fuentes, so called because it runs along the 7 main natural water springs spread out along the way, and from where part of the island gets its water supplies.


Places of interest

Bodegas Bentayga

Familiar wine cellar

Bodega los Berrazales

Wine cellar in Valle de Agaete

Puerto de las Nieves

Small fishing village

Roque Nublo

Emblematic landscape of Gran Canaria

Archaeological park Maipes

Funeral mound of aboriginal culture

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