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Let's discover the 3rd route and the 4th route of the most international hiking festival of the Canary Islands: the 6th Gran Canaria Walking Festival from 8th to 12th November 2017.

The third stage of this year Gran Canaria Walking Festival will take place on the 10th of November in one of the most iconic places of the northern part of the island: Agaete. It is a place where culture and tradition live together, being one of the most beautiful places of the island due to its fishing and agricultural traditions.  Agaete, is also well known for its stunning nature, making possible the creation of natural paths which are perfect for high-skilled hikers but also for those who are just starting with this great sport, enjoying together the beauty of the place and its climate.

The route will start in one of the most iconic parts of the town, “El Valle de Agaete”, known for being where one of the most important celebrations of the island take place, “La Rama”. At the same time, the route will finish in the port, being also a strategical important place as it is one of the most important connexions of Gran Canaria with the rest of the islands. The port is probably the most important touristic zone of the town, contrasting with the ways of living of local people where nature, culture and tourism lives in perfect harmony. This harmony, is reflected in one of the most modern and beautiful hotels of this part of the island, “Cordial Roca Negra & Spa” hotel. Typical products and dishes will be offered at the end of this stage in the above-named hotel. Please find further information about this amazing lodging in their website: www.becordial.com

We must also consider the collaboration of the Agaete town hall, being part of Gran Canaria Walking Festival by giving us the opportunity to enjoy this incredible route and tasting. It also organizes other events to explore this beautiful municipality . For more information about this and next events, visit its official website: www.aytoagaete.es


The fourth stage of this sixth Gran Canaria Walking Festival edition will take place on 11th -november with the Canary Willow Route in Valsequillo. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of the centre of the island, receiving its name due to the amount of endemic plants and species there located.  With approximately 11,5km long, it is considered to be a medium-high difficulty route, being perfect for high-skilled hikers but at the same time for others that are looking forward to having a great experience being in contact with nature and practising outdoor activities. There are also a couple of differences in high that requires certain technical aspects and other parts where enjoying nature and its beauty is the only thing to take into consideration like “Los Marteles” natural reserve y “Los Cernícalos” ravine.

The route will take off in “La Caldera de Los Marteles”, followed by “los Cernícalos” ravine, “Las Haciendas”, “Las Vegas”, “ San Miguel” ravine and finally finishing in Valsequillo town, being the place where typical products and local dishes can be tasted by all hikers.
Gran Canaria Walking Festival staff would like to thank the collaboration and services provided by Valsequillo town hall, being essential to having the best event possible and other activities above-named. For more information about this amazing municipality and activities, visit: www.turismovalsequillo.com



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