6 reasons to enjoy Gran Canaria Walking Festival

6 Reasons to enjoy Gran Canaria Walking Festival

November will be the month when we will have the chance to enjoy Gran Canaria’s most amusing hiking event. Here you have six reasons to convince you that you must be part of it. If you don’t live in Gran Canaria, you are still in time to book your plane tickets and accommodation. No excuses allowed! These country houses are an ideal place to stay: here

A night in the summit


To spend the night in the summmit after completing the Astronomic Route... Doesn’t it sound great? 

In this 5th edition of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, the participants may stay overnight in the cabins of El Garañón after finishing the #AstronomicRoute, and they will be able to enjoy the activities we’ll offer at the camping site or simply take a deep breath and peacefully relax in the nature’s calm.

Centenary of Teror Spring Water Route


This year, our first meeting will take place on Wednesday (2nd  November), which will extend the Gran Canaria Walking  Festival´s length in the week starting earlier than previous years.


The place, the time and the rest of information about the route is available in the following link: click here.

You will be able to select if you want a bus shuttle from the South of the island or from the city center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Get ready for your Winter holidays

Get ready for your winter holidays.

planning winter holidays is becoming more and more common each year in europe.

The idea of arranging the holidays in two times, one to escape from the cold winter, is an option that has many advantages.

Gran Canaria is one of the best places as a winter destination. From the months of October to March, we assume a mild and moderate temperature. We can add a plus to this, which is the ability to perform multiple activities on the island.

Gran Canaria and the "mother earth"

Gran Canaria and the "Mother Earth"

is the second article written by J.J.Laforet, the Official Chronicler of Gran Canaria, in collaboration with the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. Enjoy:

The Earth, “Mother Earth” as the ancient cultures named it, is much more than just a simple space where our lives take place. Much more than a place where we live our days and issues.

GCWF2015 13

Gran Canaria Walking Festival opens its registration

Gran Canaria Walking Festival opens its registration

The program has six routes and it will be held from 2nd to the 6th of November 2016

Gran Canaria Walking Festival is the most international hiking event in the Canaries, aimed at all hiking lovers. The fifth edition will take place from the 2nd to the 6th of November 2016, promoted by the rural tourism businesses associated of Gran Canaria. The last edition was a huge success, with 500 hikers from ten different nationalities.


Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016 will include 6 trekking routes in its 5th edition, which will go through the island of Gran Canaria. Besides walking through unique landscapes and incredible views, we will be able to discover the local and traditional ethnography and its cultural legacy.

There will be different difficulty levels in the routes, from the amateur level to advanced level. Local guides will lead us in each route in the whole event: Summit route, Artevigua route, Laurisilva route, Water route, Astronomical Night route and Aboriginal route; all of them are suited to the most sybaritic hikers’ demands.

The Pico de las Nieves, the Parque Rural de Doramas, the Finca de Osorio, the Cruz de Tejeda or the Fortaleza de Ansite are just some of all the places that you can visit in Gran Canaria. Registration is open at www.grancanariawalkingfestival.com, where you can choose either one of the 6 routes, all the Walking Festival 2016 or a weekend pack.

The aim of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival is to show and invite all of you to enjoy the surprising nature of the island, which includes endless possibilities to practice this sport and offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. For more information, you can visit our website for the most up-to-date news www.grancanariawalkingfestival.com; and you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Una noche en la Cumbre

Cabañas del Garañón

Una noche en la cumbre 

Dormir una noche en la cumbre tras haber realizado la Ruta Astronómica, ¿Suena bien verdad?.

En esta V edición del Festival los participantes podrán, tras terminar la maravillosa #RutaAstronómica, pernoctar en una de las cabañas del Garañón, además de disfrutar de las actividades que ofreceremos en las instalaciones o simplemente respirar el oxígeno reparador de la Naturaleza. 

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