Circuito Roque Nublo

This trail stands out due to the spectacular and monumental volcanic landscape, showing an uneven and very rough terrain because of the millions of year’s erosion.

This process has carved in different shapes and peculiar rock that are of symbols for the inhabitants of Gran Canaria.

One of these symbols is the Roque Nublo, a basaltic rock of 67 meters above its base and 1813 meters above sea level, considered as one of the greatest in the world and located in the center of the island. Declared National Monument in 1987 within the Nublo Rural Park.

Average difficulty Circular 10.5 km 5:00 h - -




Cruz de Tejeda – Degollada Becerra – Degollada La Cumbre – La Culata  – Roque La Fogalera – Roque Nublo – La Goleta.

This tour begins in the east of the large Tejeda’s crater, walking on ancient volcanic materials, some of them dated of 15 million years ago and others are more recent, between 5 and 3 million years old. The route continues into the giant hollow till the picturesque La Culata’s neighborhood, in Tejeda, a place that shows its history through its cultivations and its old and looked after houses with its two-side tiled roofs.

This ecosystem is mainly dominated by the Canary Island pine, which is in the island since the Tertiary. The undergrowth also shows endemic species such as broom, yellow broom, laburnum, sage, wallflower, thyne, etc. At the same time there is an important bird fauna which lives in the forest; titmice, finches, woodpeckers, owls and hawks are blanket.

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