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For each route a minimum limit of 25 registered participants is established. In the case of the end of the pre-registration period or previously from Gran Canaria Natural, it is estimated that the minimum quota will not be reached, the route will be canceled. In case of cancellation the organization, will return the amount previously paid for the registrations. Due to cancellation by the participants, the amount previously paid will not be refunded, except in the case of medically proven exceptional cases. However, a change in the ownership of the registration can be made through the system itself.


Walking on the nature can be sometimes difficult, so the following groups must come accompanied by a responsible adult:
  • People under 16
  • People with any kind of disability or difficulties to walk on the nature.
If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact the Technical Secretariat.


Although the members of the organization of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival love pets, we can’t allow them to participate.


A basic insurance is included in all registration options for the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. In case you need a special insurance, please contact the Technical Secretariat.


This event takes place outdoor, so because of the weather conditions variations the organization might change the itinerary or the entire program.


Gran Canaria has an excellent weather throughout the year, but some of the programmed itineraries run along areas where the weather conditions might change from minute to another.
Please make sure you chose the appropriate clothes for the walks.
Bad weather could be one of the reasons to change the walk itinerary or program and also to finish it before programmed.

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