Astronomical Night Route

This route is special, it is not just an enjoyable walk around the countryside. You will also learn how to interpret just what each star is trying to tell us.

It starts off at the stunning hills around Llanos del Garañón, with a pleasant one hour walk around the Nublo rural park. Then our guides and experts will teach you basic aspects of astronomy, such as how to look out for constellations, and spot visible planets and shining stars. And so that you don’t miss out on star clusters, remains of supernovas, nebulas and double stars, at the Garañón centre you will be able to look through the powerful AstroLáser telescope.

This route includes:

  • Guided tour
  • Transport
  • Specialized guides on trails
  • Specific material

moderada lineal
Circular 3 km 3:00 hrs +65 m -62 m


Observation in Llanos de la Pez and Corral de los Juncos

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