Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2019

23-27 October 2019

Much more than hiking

Póster Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2019Póster Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2019

Much more than hiking

Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2019
A new variety of routes through different rural paths and towns are the stage for the eighth edition of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. Each year walking and natural lovers from all around the world take part on this festival that encourage its participants to walk around the beautiful nature of the island, as well as to know its culture and traditional food.



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Walking in Gran Canaria
Get inspired with photos of the island, they will surely help you to choose your favourite route for this Gran Canaria Walking Festival!

About Gran Canaria

Culture, gastronomy y nature
One of the best part of travelling is knowing the destination's culture and traditions. A list of museums, archaeological parks and other interesting places of Gran Canaria could be found here. You should also taste our traditional food, you might like it!
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Information for Walkers

Terms and conditions
Walking in Gran Canaria is an activity for anyone who is interested on enjoying nature. Thus it is not limited only for those who usually practice sport. However, some suggestions should be given in order to have a relaxed and safely walk through the island.

Gran Canaria

Come and enjoy Gran Canaria by taking part on our routes that will show you the most fascinating sight of the island. Blue sky, the sun shining and a wonderful landscape invite natural and walking lovers to visit the island. The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is the best way to enjoy it. Gran Canaria is waiting for you!

30€ / route o 130€ Full Pack

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Almost 50% of Gran Canaria has been declared as biosphere reserve. This makes the difference on a unique, natural friendly destination.
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